April 25, 2012
Brooklyn Bowl in…(um)…Brooklyn

Brooklyn Bowl

61 Whythe Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11211

Bowling is for sweaty Midwesterners with big bellies and pit stains, right? 

Wrong.  BillyBurg’s latest re-imagination of an outdated concept leave you with two questions:  When did bowling become sexy? And how’d they get BLUE RIBBON to do the menu?

If you’re craving sad, faux “cheeze nachos,” this is not your spot.

However, if you’d love to enjoy a crispy Oyster Po’ Boy and a bottle of lush Italian rosé ($34) while you wait for your lane, read on.

I’m sure you never dreamed you’d drink delicious pink wine at a bowling alley, but you also likely never imagined you’d be in one that does double-duty as a concert venue for the likes of ?uestlove.  The space is massive (I got lost twice on the way to the bathroom) and holds a restaurant, an L-shaped bar, and a performance space in addition to sixteen lanes.

If you loathe bowling, sample craft beers from Greenpoint while you hit on Brooklyn’s finest twenty-something boys (ample selection on Sunday nights). Just make sure your game is on point, ‘cus they will make you trade your kicks at the door for those horrid leather bowling sneakers.  


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