June 13, 2012
Boom Boom Room vs. LeBain

Oh shit.  I accidentally wound up on the top of The Standard Hotel at 1 AM and I’m supposed to be up at 6 AM.  Is it better to call in sick from work because I’m at LeBain or Boom Boom?  

Let’s discuss based on last Thursday’s Debauchery.  It took me too long to post this ‘cus my job got in the way.  Shouldn’t happen again, since I quit today.  (I made a Po-Em.) 

Both are gay/straight friendly, so I’m not going to tell you where to go if you’re one gender or the other.  

I’m just going to present to you what you’ll find of either SEX when it comes to the people at Boom Boom vs. LeBain.

Girls At Boom Boom:


(Most of the time wearing clothes) (Often sassy) (9 x’s out of 10 gorgeous)

Boys at Boom Boom:


#someonestummyneedsabite #haithur #letsgo”lookattheview”inthebathroom

Girls at LeBain:


I smell yeast.  Oh, no, WAIT! that’s just all of those fine ladies’ chlamydia that I’m smellin’. (Scratch-n-sniff MacBook Air App.)  

On Thursday, when I was at LeBain, it was almost as if one of those Upper East Side bars like “Dorrians” **shudder** had explosive diarrhea all over the place.

Boys at LeBain:


That’s Panic Division circa 2007.  They have sideways haircuts, and wear statement hoodies.  

But, like, I wouldn’t DENY sleeping with one of them.  They probably have tattoos.

That’s all for now.  It is nice to know that I’ll never have to deal with smelling like LeBain jacuzzi again.

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